Progression Pathways

Progression Pathways is a seven week course for women who want to make changes in their lives. It will provide information on networking, volunteering, courses, non-accredited / accredited education options and career planning.

The course is designed to help you recognise and overcome barriers and to empower you to make decisions about your future. This course is non-certified and will be delivered in a friendly non-formal environment where everyone’s opinion is welcomed and peer learning is very important. There will be a combination of lecture, guest speakers, group discussion, exercises, peer-learning and feedback.

Tutor input and guest speakers will provide detailed information and guidance on specific areas. Participants will have the opportunity to follow up with the services that offer one-to-one sessions.

The following topics will be covered:

Importance of Effective Communication
Non-Verbal Communication / Body Language
Message Delivery

Education and Training Opportunities
Differences in adult education from formal education
Barriers preventing women form going back to education / how to overcome them
Importance of one’s own life experience including in education or employment

Career preparation
Interest assessment
Strengths and weaknesses
Online resources

Volunteering – Guest Speaker
Advantages of volunteering
Type of volunteering options available in Clare
How volunteering can be used in career planning

Educational Guidance – Guest Speaker
Accredited and non-accredited educational opportunities
Literacy and other supports for returning to education
Ennis and outreach one-to-one guidance service

Citizens Information Service – Guest speaker
Know your rights and entitlements
Social support networks for women – Guest Speaker
Social supports / networks in Co. Clare

Jobs Club – Guest speaker
Information on supports /services the Jobs Club offer

Supports/options for returning to work – Guest Speaker

Elements of the Progression Pathways programme have now been incorporated into the Skills Share programme.