All Donated Books to Libraries Ireland and TUS

Books on domestic, sexual and gender-based abuse and coercive control donated by Haven Horizons to Libraries Ireland and TUS

This book considers whether coercive control (particularly non-physical forms of family violence) should be prohibited by the criminal law. ISBN 9789811506529 Read more
A practical guide to coercive control and its relevance to different areas of law with a particular focus on family law. ISBN 9781912687220 Read more
This unique and timely study presents the first comprehensive examination of cyberflashing and the need to reform the criminal law. ISBN 9781529217629 Read more
A true story, set in the north of England, through the 1980s and 90s about a woman living with an increasingly abusive, erratic and evasive husband. ISBN 9781800160439 Read more
important insights into how boys in this context navigate their journey to manhood with the constant presence of violence in their lives, in addition to poverty and racial marginalization. ISBN Read more
Herman draws on cutting-edge research in domestic violence to show the parallels between private terrors such as rape and public traumas such as terrorism. ISBN 9781787388260 Read more
This book investigates the causes and consequences of image-based sexual abuse in a digital era. ISBN 9780367524401 Read more
This book explores domestic violence between intimate partners, as well as the effectiveness of responses in working with both adult and child victims aswell as perpetrators. ISBN 9780367686253 Read more
Spanning children's and adult's services, this book explores the nature and impact of domestic abuse and violence (DVA) throughout the lifecourse. ISBN 978178592040 Read more
Legitimate Sexpectations exposes the limits of the criminal justice system and the fault lines in our society when it comes to sex, sexuality, and relationships. ISBN 9780465061716 Read more
This book provides a summation and perspective on the topics of class, inequality, poverty and politics. ISBN 9780761963707 Read more

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