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Books on domestic, sexual and gender-based abuse and coercive control donated by Haven Horizons to Libraries Ireland

Light on the Horizon, A Community Response to Relationship Abuse

Madeline Mc Aleer and Padraig Haran

This book tells the story of how small acts of compassion ignited an enduring community response to relationship abuse. Drawing from the archives and the recollections of those involved in this remarkable project, Light on The Horizon charts the evolution of the charities Clare Haven Services and Haven Horizons. Recording the social changes over thirty years and challenging the silence and
tolerance around relationship abuse, this collection celebrates a community's positive impact on the lives of women and children.

ISBN 9781739669409

Coercive Control

Charlotte Barlow and Sandra Walklate

This book offers a critical appreciation of the nature and impact of coercive control in interpersonal relationships. It examines what this concept means, who is impacted by the behaviours it captures, and how academics, policymakers, and policy advocates have responded to the increasing recognition of the deleterious effects that coercive control has on especially women’s lives.

ISBN 9780367894269,  Published January 13, 2022 by Routledge

Working with Domestic Violence and Abuse Across the Lifecourse Understanding Good Practice

Dr Ravi K. Thiara, Lorraine Radford

Spanning children's and adult's services, this book explores the nature and impact of domestic abuse and violence (DVA) throughout the lifecourse. It highlights evidence-informed practice and serves as an accessible and invaluable resource for all working with and supporting those dealing with DVA. Structured around three core themes of coercive control, developmental experiences of violence and the importance of an intersectional understanding of DVA, this book highlights the need for a coordinated 'whole family' approach in safeguarding work in this area.

ISBN 978178592040, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Boys, Childhood Domestic Abuse and Gang Involvement: Violence at Home, Violence On-Road

Jade Levell

Boys and young men have been previously overlooked in domestic violence and abuse policy and practice, particularly in the case of boys who are criminalized and labelled as gang-involved by the time they reach their teens. Jade Levell offers radical and important insights into how boys in this context navigate their journey to manhood with the constant presence of violence in their lives, in addition to poverty and racial marginalization. Of equal interest to academics and front-line practitioners, the book highlights the narratives of these young men and makes practice recommendations for supporting these 'hidden victims.

ISBN 9781529219807, Bristol University Press

Image-based Sexual Abuse - A Study on the Causes and Consequences of Non-consensual Nude or Sexual Imagery

Nicola Henry, Clare McGlynn, Asher Flynn, Kelly Johnson, Anastasia Powell, Adrian J. Scott

This book investigates the causes and consequences of image-based sexual abuse in a digital era. Image-based sexual abuse refers to the taking or sharing of nude or sexual photographs or videos of another person without their consent. It includes a diversity of behaviours beyond that of "revenge porn", such as the secret trading of nude or sexual images online; "upskirting", "downblousing" and other "creepshots"; blackmail or "sextortion" scams; the use of artificial intelligence to construct "deepfake" pornographic videos; threats to distribute photographs and videos without consent; and the taking or sharing of sexual assault imagery.

ISBN 9780367524401, Published April 29, 2022 by Routledge

Coercive Control in Children's and Mothers' Lives

Emma Katz

Coercive control is a severe form of domestic violence experienced by millions of children worldwide. It involves a perpetrator using a range of tactics to intimidate, humiliate, degrade, exploit, isolate and control a partner or family member. Drawing on interviews with children and mothers who have experienced coercive control-based domestic violence, Dr Emma Katz sheds light on the impacts of coercive control on children, how it is perpetrators who must be held accountable for those impacts, and how resistance by children and mothers occurs. Breaking free from coercive control is not a one-off event but a sustained battle for safety and recovery in which child and adult survivors need supports and professional interventions that work.

ISBN 9780367615437, Taylor & Francis, Imprint Routledge

See What You Made Me Do

Jess Hill

Every year in England and Wales alone, one in twenty adults suffer domestic abuse, two thirds of them women. Every week, two men kill a woman they were intimate with. And still we ask the wrong question: Why didn't she leave? Instead, we should ask: Why did he do it? Investigative journalist Jess Hill puts perpetrators -- and the systems that enable them -- in the spotlight. Her radical reframing of domestic abuse takes us beyond the home to explore how power, culture and gender intersect to both produce and normalise abuse. She boldly confronts uncomfortable questions about how and why society creates abusers, but can't seem to protect their victims, and shows how we can end this dark cycle of fear and control.

ISBN 9781787383685, C Hurst and Co Publishers

The Routledge International Handbook of Domestic Violence and Abuse

Edited by John Devaney, Caroline Bradbury-Jones, Rebecca J. Macy, Carolina Overlien, Stephanie Holt

This book makes an important contribution to the international understanding of domestic violence and shares the latest knowledge of what causes and sustains domestic violence between intimate partners, as well as the effectiveness of responses in working with adult and child victims, and those who act abusively towards their partners. Drawing upon a wide range of contemporary research from across the globe, it recognises that domestic violence is both universal, but also shaped by local cultures and contexts. Divided into seven parts: Introduction, Theoretical perspectives on domestic violence and abuse, Domestic violence and abuse across the life-course, Manifestations of domestic violence and abuse, Responding to domestic violence and abuse, Researching domestic violence and abuse, and Concluding thoughts.  It will be of interest to all academics and students working in social work, allied health, sociology, criminology and gender studies as well as policy professionals looking for new approaches to the subject.

ISBN 9780367686253, Published September 26, 2022 by Routledge

Trauma and Recovery : The Aftermath of Violence - From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror

Judith Herman

When Trauma and Recovery was first published in 1992, it was hailed as a ground-breaking work. In the intervening years, Herman's volume has changed the way we think about and treat traumatic events and trauma victims. Trauma and Recovery brings a new level of understanding to a set of problems usually considered individually. Herman draws on her own cutting-edge research in domestic violence as well as on the vast literature of combat veterans and victims of political terror, to show the parallels between private terrors such as rape and public traumas such as terrorism. The book puts individual experience in a broader political frame, arguing that psychological trauma can be understood only in a social context.

ISBN 9781787388260, C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd, Imprint: Hurst & Company

Legitimate Sexpectations

Katrina Marson

Legitimate Sexpectations exposes the limits of the criminal justice system and the fault lines in our society when it comes to sex, sexuality, and relationships. Through storytelling that moves between heartbreak and hope, Marson makes the case for a cultural shift towards valuing sexual wellbeing and preventing sexual violence in the first place. In doing so, she calls on us all to play our part to ensure that young people's sexual experiences are not just free from violence, but far from violent.

ISBN 9780465061716, Little Brown, Basic Books

Brutally Honest - The tell-all memoir from the loudest, proudest Spice Girl

Melanie Brown

As one-fifth of the iconic Spice Girls and judge on X Factor and America's Got Talent, Melanie Brown, a.k.a. Scary Spice, has been an international star since her twenties. Brutally Honest is an exposé of the struggles and acute pain that lay behind the glamour and success. With deep personal insight, remarkable frankness and trademark Yorkshire humour, the book removes the mask of fame and reveals the true story behind the Spice Girls, as well as the horror of her most recent marriage and her 10 year struggle to be free.

ISBN 9781787133525, Quadrille Publishing

Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your Intimate Relationship

Lisa Aronson Fontes

When you are showered with attention, it can feel incredibly romantic and can blind you to hints of problems ahead. But what happens when attentiveness becomes domination? If the desire to control leads to jealousy, gaslighting, threats, micromanaging and physical violence. If you or someone you care about are trapped in a web of coercive control, this book provides answers, hope, and a way out. Lisa Aronson Fontes draws on both professional expertise and personal experience to help you recognise controlling behaviours of all kinds, understand why this destructive pattern occurs, determine whether you are in danger and if your partner can change, protect yourself and your kids, find the support and resources you need, take action to improve or end your relationship, regain your freedom and independence.

ISBN 9781462520244, 2015, Guilford Publications

A Typology of Domestic Violence

Michael P. Johnson

Johnson argues that domestic violence is not a unitary phenomenon. Instead, he delineates three major, dramatically different, forms of partner violence: intimate terrorism, violent resistance, and situational couple violence. He roots the conceptual distinctions among the forms of violence in an analysis of the role of power and control in relationship violence and shows that the failure to make these basic distinctions among types of partner violence has produced a research literature that is plagued by both overgeneralisations and ostensibly contradictory findings. This volume begins the work of theorizing forms of domestic violence, a crucial first step to a better understanding of these phenomena among scholars, social scientists, policy makers, and service providers.

ISBN 9781555536947, 2008, University Press of New England

Coercive Control - How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life (Interpersonal Violence)

Evan Stark 

The story of physical and sexual violence against women has been told often. But this is the first book to show that most abused women who seek help do so because their rights and liberties have been jeopardized, not because they have been injured. One of the most important books ever written on domestic violence, Coercive Control breaks through entrenched views of physical abuse that have ultimately failed to protect women. Evan Stark, founder of one of America’s first battered women’s shelters, shows how “domestic violence” is neither primarily domestic nor necessarily violent, but a pattern of controlling behaviours more akin to terrorism and hostage-taking.

ISBN 9780195384048, 2009, Oxford University Press

In Control: Dangerous Relationships and How They End in Murder

Jane Monckton-Smith

World-renowned criminology Jane Monckton Smith's groundbreaking work is revolutionising the understanding of coercive control and domestic homicide among those who respond to it. In this book, Monckton Smith shares a glimpse into a world of toxic masculinity and coercive control, one in which the tools are shame and fear, helped along by a media and justice system who are far from shedding sexist notions of men and women's roles in society. Drawing on disciplines including psychology, sociology and law, she talks to victims, their families, and killers, putting together pieces to the puzzle of how these relationships can end in murder, and bringing to light the reasons why - for so many of us - there is no such thing as the safety of one's own home.

ISBN 9781526613219, 9781526613226 (2022), 2021, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


19 Years

Ellie Thompson

When Ellie marries her childhood sweetheart, Curtis, she believes she has found her happy-ever-after. Soon, however, cracks begin to show and Ellie realises that Curtis may not be the man she thought he was. On the surface, all appears perfect for the family; children are born, careers progress, and loving relationships with family and friends develop. Only Ellie knows the truth about her increasingly abusive, erratic and evasive husband. Slowly and torturously being stripped of her self-esteem, will Ellie and her boys ever escape the coercive and controlling existence that is their life? A true story, set in the north of England, through the 1980s and 90s.

ISBN 9781800160439, 2021, Vanguard Press

Cyberflashing: recognising harms, reforming laws

Claire McGlynn and Kelly Johnson

Cyberflashing has been on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, despite its prevalence and significant harms, cyberflashing is not a criminal offence in England and Wales. This crucial book provides new in-depth analysis, understanding and insight into the nature and harms of cyberflashing. The authors consider recently adopted laws in the US, Singapore and Scotland, and set out proposals to criminalise cyberflashing as a sexual offence in English law. This unique and timely study presents the first comprehensive examination of cyberflashing and the need to reform the criminal law.

ISBN 9781529217629, 2021, Bristol University Press

A Practical Guide to Coercive Control for Legal Practitioners and Victims

Rachel Horman

A practical guide to coercive control and its relevance to different areas of law with a particular focus on family law, including why the law was necessary, the problems facing victims when utilising legislation, risk assessment of victims, the link between coercive control and stalking, protective orders available for victims, legal aid, and how coercive control is relevant to family court proceedings. Whilst coercive control is not a new phenomenon, the law prohibiting it and the use of the phrase is relatively new and it is still very much a developing area of law and an area which is still often overlooked by the criminal and family justice system.

ISBN 9781912687220, 2019

Criminalising Coercive Control: Family Violence and the Criminal Law

Edited by Marilyn McMahon, Paul McGorrery

This book considers whether coercive control (particularly non-physical forms of family violence) should be prohibited by the criminal law. Based on the premise that traditional understandings of family violence are severely limited, it considers whether the core of family violence is power-based controlling or coercive behavior: attempts by men to psychologically dominate their partners. Such behavior can cause significant psychological, physical and economic harms to victims and is increasingly recognized as a form of human rights abuse. The book considers the new offences that have been introduced in England and Wales (controlling or coercive behavior), Ireland (controlling behavior) and Scotland (domestic abuse). It invites consideration of three key questions: Do conventional criminal laws adequately regulate non-physical abuse? Is the criminal law an appropriate mechanism for responding to the coercive control of family members? And if a new and distinctive offence is warranted, what is the optimal form of that offence.

ISBN 9789811506529; 2020

From The Darkness to Embracing the Light

Mariel Gordon

This book is focused on healing techniques and how to reclaim your birthright of happiness, peace and love. It recounts a spiritual journey of recovery from narcissistic relationships and includes 25 emotional, energetic and spiritual healing practices that the author used to heal from betrayal and trauma. By sharing her experience and research on narcissism and covert narcissism, the author will help survivors find a way out of suffering to peace and freedom. Survivors will be better able to rebuild their lives and become empowered to heal, forgive the past, and open to the future.

ISBN 9781694116130, 2021, Amazon Digital Services LLC - KDP Print US

Helping children learn about domestic abuse and coercive control: Professional Guide

Catherine Lawler and Abigail Sterne

This book is designed to support professionals with the sensitive and effective use of the storybook, Floss and the Boss, created to help young children understand about domestic abuse and coercive control. By defining domestic abuse and coercive control and exploring the effects upon children and their education, this guidebook puts the professional in a position to have important conversations with children about what to do if something at home does not feel right. When used with the storybook, it provides a vehicle for talking to children about staying safe and their emotional wellbeing.

ISBN 9780367510817, 2021, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group 

Floss and the boss: Helping children learn about domestic abuse and coercive control

Catherine Lawler and Abigail Sterne

For effective and safe use, this book should be purchased alongside the professional guidebook. Both books can be purchased together as a set, Helping Children Learn About Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control: A Floss and the Boss Storybook and Professional Guide [9780367344511]. This beautifully illustrated and sensitively written storybook has been created to help young children understand about domestic abuse and coercive control. Floss is a happy little puppy who loves going to Doggy Daycare and playing with her best friend, Houdini. The story explores how things change when her Mum’s new friend, Boss, comes into their lives. It helps children who have experienced domestic abuse and trauma to make sense of their feelings, teaching them to seek help and stay safe.

ISBN 9780367510794, 2020, Routledge

The Domestic Violence Sourcebook

Dawn Bradley

A comprehensive, compassionate look at domestic violence - including historical, psychological, social, familial, and legal issues - this well-organized, accessible book offers the most current information available on prevention and recovery, along with practical steps for escaping a violent domestic situation.

ISBN 9780737304190, 2000, Lowell House

In Love and In Danger: A Teen’s Guide to Breaking Free of Abusive Relationships

Barrie Levy

This revised and updated edition for teenagers who have questions about abusive dating relationships helps them understand the causes and consequences of their situation, learn what they can do about it, find help from parents and other adults, and discover how to build healthier relationships. In Love and in Danger is one of the only books available on dating violence and abusive relationships that addresses young adults directly in a straightforward and non-condescending manner. Included are facts about dating violence, tips for how to tell if your relationship is abusive, information on why dating abuse happens, and what you can do if you are being abused by (or are abusing) someone you love. Packed with practical advice and compelling interviews with teens, this edition features updated information and statistics, an expanded resource section, and a new afterword by the author.

IBSN 9781580051873, 2006, Seal Press

Violence Against Women and Ethnicity: Commonalities and Differences Across Europe

Edited by Ravi K. Thiara, Monika Schröttle, Stephanie A. Condon

This book draws together both theory and practice on minority/migrant women and gendered violence. The interplay of gender, ethnicity, religion, class, generation, and sexuality in shaping the lives, experiences, and choices of minority/migrant women affected by violence has not always been adequately theorized within much of the existing writing. Feminist theory - especially the insights provided by the concept of 'intersectionality' are central to the editors conceptual frameworks.

ISBN 9781013294167, 2011, Barbara Budrich Publishers

I Am Not Your Victim: Anatomy of Domestic Violence

Beth M. Sipe, Evelyn J. Hall

I am Not Your Victim vividly details the evolution of domestic violence during the 16-year marriage of author Beth Sipe. Encouraged to publish her story by her therapist and co- author, Evelyn J. Hall, Beth Sipe relates the background and events leading up to and immediately following her tragic act of desperation that ended the life of her sadistic perpetrator. Beth's subsequent mishandling by the police, the military, a mental health professional, and the welfare system illustrates how women like Beth face further revictimization and neglect by the very systems that should provide support and assistance. Insightful commentaries written by experts in the field follow Beth's story and deepen our understanding of the causes and process of spousal abuse, why battered
women stay, and the dynamic consequences of domestic violence.

ISBN 9781452235301, 2014, SAGE Publications, Inc.

It's My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship

Meg Kennedy Dugan, Roger R. Hock

It's My Life Now is a guide for survivors who have left an abusive relationship. It addresses-in clear, non-threatening language-various issues associated with abuse and violence, including post-relationship emotions, psychological impact, dealing with children, personal safety, legal problems, and financial security. Each chapter dismantles common myths about being in and leaving an abusive relationship and contains activities for self-exploration that survivors can complete as they navigate a new life free from abuse.

ISBN 9780415415194, 2018, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

The Covert Passive-Aggressive Narcissist: Recognizing the Traits and Finding Healing After Hidden Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Debbie Mirza

A list of traits of the covert narcissist and how they look like in daily life. The differences between an overt and a covert narcissist. A checklist to see if you are with a covert narcissist. Real-life stories to illustrate what these traits look like. Explanations of different covert techniques narcissists use to control and manipulate. A chapter dedicated to what sex looks like with a covert narcissist. Descriptions of covertly narcissistic parents Information on what it looks like to have a covertly narcissistic boss or co-worker. A chapter on healing to help give you tools and hope for a beautiful future, free of toxic relationships.

ISBN 9780998621340, 2017, Safe Place Publishing

Engaging with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence: Practical Techniques for Early Intervention

Kate Iwi, Chris Newman

This concise book equips practitioners with the knowledge and techniques they need to make the most of limited client contact with perpetrators. It outlines how to briefly assess perpetrators, how to prepare them for a perpetrator programme, and describes a range of interventions that can be used to reduce the risk they represent in the meantime. Drawing on approaches from motivational work, anger management, CBT and feminist models, but written in practical and easy to follow language, the book provides guidance for carrying out interviews and assessing risk, how to use safety plans, signals and time outs, understanding the impact of abuse on victims, how to analyse incidents of abuse and how to make an effective referral.

ISBN 9781849053808, 2015, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Look What You Made Me Do: A Powerful Memoir of Coercive Control -

Helen Walmsley-Johnson

Not all abuse leaves a mark. For more than two years, BBC Radio 4’s The Archers ran a disturbing storyline centred on Helen Titchener’s abuse at the hands of her husband Rob. Not the kind of abuse that leaves a bruise, but the sort of coercive control that breaks your spirit and makes it almost impossible to walk away. As she listened to the unfolding story, Helen Walmsley-Johnson was forced to confront her own agonizing past. Look What You Made Me Do is her candid and utterly gripping memoir of how she was trapped by a smiling abuser, not once but twice. It is a vital guide to recognizing, understanding and surviving this sinister form of abuse and its often terrible legacy. It is also an inspirational account of how one woman found the courage to walk away.

ISBN 9781509848751, 2019, Picador

Home Grown: How Domestic Violence Turns Men Into Terrorists -

Joan Smith

What do the attacks in London Bridge, Manchester and Westminster have in common with those at the Charlie Hebdo offices, the Finsbury Park Mosque attack and multiple US shootings?
They were all carried out by men with histories of domestic violence. TERRORISM BEGINS AT HOME. Yet, since domestic abuse often comes before a public attack, it's here a solution to the scourge of our age might be found. Thought-provoking and essential, HOME-GROWN will lift the veil on a revelatory truth.

ISBN 9781787476042, 2019, Riverrun

Operation Lighthouse: Reflections on our Family's Devastating Story of Coercive Control and Domestic Homicide

Luke & Ryan Hart

A devastating story of coercive control and domestic homicide. Why would an 'ordinary' father murder his family? On 19 July 2016, Claire and Charlotte Hart were murdered in broad daylight, by the family's father using a sawn-off shotgun. He then committed suicide. Luke and Ryan Hart, the two surviving sons, open up about their experiences growing up and the circumstances surrounding the murders. They hope to highlight the patterns of behaviour in coercive control and its deadly consequences, improving public awareness and leading to informed discussion on domestic abuse.

ISBN 9781841883397, Orion Publishing Group, Limited

Remembered Forever: Our family’s devastating story of domestic abuse and murder

Luke & Ryan Hart

Remembered Forever is the shocking story of what led to this terrible crime. Luke and Ryan Hart, the family's two surviving sons, lived under the terror of coercive control. Their father believed that his family members were simply possessions, never referring to them by their names ... just as Woman, Boy, Girl. Written by the boys, but laced with the voices of Claire and Charlotte, this gripping and moving account brings deeper understanding to the shocking crime of domestic abuse and homicide.

ISBN 9781841883403, Seven Dials

Women with Controlling Partners: Taking Back Your Life from a Manipulative or Abusive Partner

Carol A. Lambert


A controlling or abusive partner can break even the strongest person—unless you know what to look for. Written by an expert in intimate partner abuse and based on her highly successful recovery program for women with controlling partners, this book will give you the strength, courage, and strategies you need to acknowledge the problem and stand up for yourself once and for all—whether you stay or leave the relationship.

ISBN 9781626254718, 2016, New Harbinger Publications

No Visible Bruises: What We Don't Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us

Rachel Louise Snyder

Award-winning journalist Rachel Louise Snyder once believed all the common misconceptions about domestic violence: that it happens to an unlucky few; that it's a matter of poor choices; that if things are dire enough, victims will leave. Her perception changed when she began talking to the victims and perpetrators whose stories she tells in this book. Fearlessly reporting from the front lines of what the WHO has deemed a 'global epidemic', Snyder interviews men who have murdered their families, women who have nearly been murdered, and a range of professionals in advocacy and law enforcement, painting a vivid and nuanced picture of what happens when relationships go badly wrong.

ISBN 9781912854851, 2020, Scribe Publications

The Right To Be Me: A harrowing tale of a woman's struggle to free herself from the clutches of an abusive marriage

Stella Eden

With a childhood that consisted of sexual abuse and emotional blackmail, she carves out a life for herself as a podiatrist - a dream she's had since childhood. Seeking the love and validation she never received as a child, she falls for the deeply manipulative, but attentive, Damian, who is to become her husband for the next eighteen years. After a lifetime of low self-esteem and a non-existent self-image she finally realises that her life is in mortal danger if she doesn't make her escape. The nightmare is far from over as Damian proves himself willing to go to any lengths to prevent her from finding a new and happy life without him.

ISBN 9781784651671, 2017, Vanguard Press

Dark Chapter

Winnie M. Li

"The novel is as disturbing and entertaining as any crime thriller is. But Li is writing from experience, fictionalising her attack as a way to explore how the legal system treats rape victims, and the real effects of such an experience. Most interestingly, Li fleshes out the mind of the rapist: the experiences that have shaped him and which legitimise his behaviour to himself. I really want lots of people to find it and read it." Sara Pascoe

ISBN 9781785079061, 2017, Legend Press

Out Of The Fog: Moving From Confusion to Clarity After Narcissistic Abuse

Dana Morningstar

Lying. Cheating. Manipulating. Will they ever change? What will it take to get through to them? They apologized, but will this time be different...or will they just get better at hiding what they are up to? This book will help you get out of the fog of confusion and into the clarity that you are looking for. FOG is an acronym that stands for "Fear, Obligation, and Guilt." These three emotions are often at the core of manipulation, and are often how narcissists, sociopaths, and other types of emotional manipulators go about controlling their targets.

ISBN 9780999593516, 2017, Morningstar Media

Violence against Women: Criminological Perspectives on Men's Violences

Nicole Westmarland

Including discussion of fifteen different types of violence against women, this book is original in offering an introduction to such a broad range of topics, and for including chapters on violences that have rarely been written about, as well as those that are more commonly discussed and those that have been side-lined in recent years. By bringing together work on violence against women committed by partners, family members, strangers, acquaintances, institutions and businesses, this book widens the lens through which we view men's violences against women.

 ISBN 9781843923985, 2015, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Violence Against Women: Vulnerable Populations

Douglas A. Brownridge

Violence Against Women: Vulnerable Populations investigates under-researched and underserved groups of women who are particularly vulnerable to violent victimization from an intimate male partner. In the past, there has been an understandable reluctance to address this issue to avoid stereotyping vulnerable groups of women. However, developments in the field, particularly intersectionality theory, which recognizes women's diversity in experiences of violence, suggest that the time has come to make the study of violence in vulnerable populations a new sub-field in the area.

ISBN 9780415996082, 2009, Routledge

Why Women Are Blamed For Everything: Exposing the Culture of Victim-Blaming

Dr Jessica Taylor

Based on three years of doctoral research and ten years of practice with women and girls, Dr Jessica Taylor explores the many reasons we blame women for male violence committed against them. Written in her unique style and backed up by decades of evidence, this book exposes the powerful forces in society and individual psychology which compel us to blame women subjected to male violence.

ISBN 9781472135483, 2020, Constable

The Concept and Measurement of Violence Against Women and Men

Sylvia Walby

The extent of violence against women is currently hidden. How should violence be measured? How should research and new ways of thinking about violence improve its measurement? Could improved measurement change policy? The book is a guide to how the measurement of violence can be best achieved. It shows how to make femicide, rape, domestic violence, and FGM visible in official statistics. It offers practical guidance on definitions, indicators and coordination mechanisms. It reflects on theoretical debates on 'what is gender', 'what is violence', and 'the concept of coercive control', and introduces the concept of 'gender saturated context'.

ISBN 9781447332633, 2017, Policy Press

The Psychology of Criminal and Antisocial Behavior: Victim and Offender Perspectives

Wayne Petherick 

It opens up new areas of enquiry to busy practitioners and academics alike, exploring topics using a practical approach to social deviance that is underpinned by frontier research findings, policy, and international trends. From the relationship between psychopathology and crime, and the characteristics of catathymia, compulsive homicide, sadistic violence, and homicide victimology, to adult sexual grooming, domestic violence, and honor killings, experts in the field provide insight into the areas of homicide, violent crime, and sexual predation.

ISBN 9780128092873, 2017, Elsevier, Academic Press

Domestic Violence Perpetrators: Evidence-Informed Responses

John Devaney, Anne Lazenbatt

Domestic violence is a serious, widespread public, social and health problem that affects the lives of many women, children, and men. There is also evidence to suggest it has one of the highest rates of recidivism. This comprehensive book provides an overview of what the research tells us about the perpetrators of domestic violence and what works, and what does not, in promoting positive change. It is collection of the most up-to-date evidence from the international literature and bringing psychological, sociological, gendered and socio-political theoretical perspectives to bear on the issue.

ISBN 9781138480483, 2018, Routledge

Understanding Social Inequality

Tim Butler, Paul Watt

"This is a book that should be read by anyone interested in class, inequality, poverty and politics. Probably more importantly it should be read by people who think that those things do not matter! It provides a wonderful summation of the huge amount of work on these topics that now exists and it also offers its own distinctive perspectives on a set of issues that are - despite the claims of some influential commentators - still central to the sociological enterprise and, indeed to political life." Roger Burrows, University of York

ISBN 9780761963707, 2007, SAGE Publications

Domestic Abuse: Contemporary Perspectives and Innovative Practices

Oona Brooks-Hay, Michele Burman, Clare McFeely

By illustrating contemporary research and practice in Scotland, and situating this evidence within an international context, this volume provides a valuable source of national and international knowledge for those working and studying across a broad range of sectors, including health, education, housing, social work, criminal justice, law and politics. A feminist theoretical perspective, which recognises domestic abuse as a function of gendered inequalities, is adopted as a framework for understanding the research evidence and practices discussed throughout the book.

ISBN 9781780460598, 2018, Dunedin

Women, Violence & Strategies for Action

Jill Radford, Melissa Friedberg

The book gathers together the many exciting ideas, discussions and developments arising from the work of the researchers and activists who are part of the British Sociological Association Violence Against Women Study Group. The contributing authors share a commitment to research that centres on the material reality of women's lives and assists the generation of strategies for action. It complements the earlier volume, Women, Violence and Male Power, extending the latter's coverage in important ways by addressing differences as well as commonalities between women, and the complexities of feminist analysis and activism in a changing context.

ISBN 9780335203697, 2000, Open University Press

Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice

Nicola Groves and Terry Thomas

This book aims to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive introduction to the subject of domestic violence and its interaction with the criminal justice system- including agencies such as the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the probation service and Children's Services, the courts and the prison service, as well as voluntary agencies such as Women's Aid. The book also looks at how these various agencies work together at a local level and the coordinating role of the Home Office and the direction provided at a central level.

ISBN 9781843928195, 2010, Willan

Coordinating Community Responses to Domestic Violence - Lessons from Duluth and Beyond

Melanie Shepard, Ellen Pence

The 'Duluth Model' is a widely disseminated approach to community-based intervention in domestic violence. This authoritative and comprehensive volume examines how to develop a response to domestic violence using the Model. Key issues addressed include: enhancing networking among service providers; building monitoring and tracking systems; developing a supportive infrastructure for victims; providing sanctions and rehabilitation opportunities; addressing the needs of children; and evaluating the effectiveness of community response.

ISBN 9780761911241, 1999, Sage Publications

Social Work and Domestic Violence: Developing Critical And Reflective Practice

Lesley Laing, Cathy Humphreys, Kate Cavanagh

Domestic violence affects all areas of social work. This book shows how social workers can intervene in everyday practice with victims, their families and perpetrators of domestic abuse. It provides students with knowledge of theory, research and policy to put directly in practice across a variety of legal and service-user contexts.

ISBN 9781412919234, 2013, SAGE Publications Ltd.

Violence Against Women: Current theory and practice in domestic abuse, sexual violence and exploitation

Nancy Lombard, Lesley McMillan

This volume seeks to address issues surrounding violence against women at all levels, from its root causes (including looking at child abuse and coercive control) to the specific needs arising in victims of gendered abuse from a particular social or ethnic group. Drawing on the expertise of a range of 'front line' service providers and practitioners as well as academic researchers, it seeks to provide those working in social work and related professions with up-to-date coverage of the major issues pertaining to violence against women, and suggest ways to tackle the rise in violence against women by translating knowledge into effective training and practice.

2013, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, ISBN 9781849051323

Living With The Dominator: A book about the Freedom programme

Pat Craven

This book explains violent and abusive behaviour and places it in a social context. It can help readers of any age and sexual orientation to change their own behaviour and to recognise when they are being controlled.

ISBN 9780955882708, 2008, Freedom Publishing

Love's Labor: Essays on Women, Equality, and Dependency (Thinking Gender)

Eva Feder Kittay

This fascinating study of women carers explores the significance of dependency work by analysing John Rawls' influential liberal theory and two examples of public policy - welfare reform and family leave - to show how both theory and policy fail women when they miss the centrality of dependency to questions of justice. A vision of an equal society is required, one which recognizes that those who care for others require the support of the larger community.

ISBN 9780415904131, 1999, Routledge

responding to domestic violence

Responding To Domestic Violence: Emerging Challenges for Policy, Practice and Research in Europe

Edited by Stephanie Holt, Carolina Overlien and John Devaney

This book describes how countries within and outside the EU are responding to the problem in policy, practice and research. Eminent academics and professionals from a range of European countries share their findings from new ground-breaking victim surveys, and weigh up the legal, social and healthcare challenges.

ISBN 9781785922619, 2018, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

When Dad Hurts Mum: Helping Your Children Heal the Wounds of Witnessing Abuse

Lundy Bancroft

Can my partner abuse me and still be a good parent? Should I stay with my partner for my children's sake? How should I talk to my children about the abuse and help them heal? Am I a bad mother? Mothers in physically or emotionally abusive relationships ask themselves these questions every day. Here, a counsellor reveals how abusers interact with and manipulate children and how mothers can help their children recover from the trauma of witnessing abuse.

ISBN 9780425200315, 2004, Penguin Group

Power and Control: Why Charming Men Can Make Dangerous Lovers

Sandra Horley

In the new edition of her classic work, Sandra Horley CBE draws on almost four decades supporting abused women to provide an insight into the reality behind the mask of the charming man. The book's aim is to show women they are not alone and to help them walk away from the confusing, dangerous situation they find themselves in. Even after devastating emotional and physical abuse, there is hope. This is a story of courage and strength, told by women who have reclaimed their lives so that others may too.

ISBN 9781785041488, 2017, Vermilion

Next Time She'll Be Dead: Battering & How to Stop it

Ann Jones

This revised and updated edition of "the most critically acclaimed book" (Publishers Weekly) on domestic violence includes information on the effect of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, examines resources on the Internet, and details what you can do to help stop battering.

ISBN 9780807067895, 2000, Beacon Press

homicide and gender

Domestic Abuse, Homicide and Gender: Strategies for Policy and Practice 

Jane Monckton-Smith and Amanda Williams with Frank Mullane

Based on research with frontline professionals and domestic abuse and homicide victims, this book argues for a re-conceptualisation of the female victim to enhance safety management and encourage a deeper understanding of the emotional dynamics and social structures which perpetuate violence.

ISBN 9781137307422, 2014, Palgrave Macmillan

Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

Lundy Bancroft

In this ground-breaking bestseller, Lundy Bancroft—a counsellor who specialises in working with abusive men—uses his knowledge about how abusers think to help women recognise when they are being controlled or devalued, and to find ways to get free of an abusive relationship.

ISBN 9780425191651, 2003, Berkley Books

Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, and America's Prison Nation

Beth E. Richie

Black women in marginalised communities are uniquely at risk of battering, rape, sexual harassment, stalking and incest. Through the compelling stories of Black women who have been most affected by racism, persistent poverty, class inequality, limited access to support resources or institutions, Beth E. Richie shows that the threat of violence to Black women has never been more serious, demonstrating how conservative legal, social, political and economic policies have impacted activism in the US-based movement to end violence against women.

ISBN 9780814776230, 2012, New York University Press

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