Light On The Horizon

This book tells the story of how small acts of compassion ignited an enduring community response to relationship abuse. Drawing from the archives and the recollections of those involved in this remarkable project, Light on The Horizon charts the evolution of the charities Clare Haven Services and Haven Horizons. Recording the social changes over thirty years and challenging the silence and tolerance around relationship abuse, this collection celebrates a community’s positive impact on the lives of women and children.

Colette Redington and Madeline Mc Aleer spoke to Roísín Ingle on the Irish Times Women's Podcast about the story behind the book.

When we met in 1992, we didn’t know that thirty years later we would be writing a book that would record a community’s response to domestic abuse and the corresponding social and cultural changes in Ireland. The process of collating the material, recording people’s memories and weaving them together to tell this story has highlighted the key turning points and the huge number of people who have been part of the journey. We have been privileged to listen to the voices of survivors and fortunate to meet many inspirational mentors and guides. So much has been achieved, but the work is not finished. Recent erosions of women’s rights around the world indicate the precariousness of the progress that has been made. We hope that there will always be people who will challenge injustice and who will continue to build on the strong foundations that are now in place

Colette Redington & Mary FitzGerald

“Light on the Horizon is a must-read book telling the gripping story of a group of women motivated to change lives, educating us on how to tackle domestic abuse based on cutting-edge research and in the process dismantling the myths that surround domestic abuse.”

Sarah Harte, writer and solicitor

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