Research and Knowledge

Evidence-Based Intervention and Prevention

It is accepted that intervention and prevention activities should be evidence-based and geographically applicable. New Irish research is needed to influence practice and policy in Ireland.

We believe that it is important to bring together Irish researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to share information, network, exchange knowledge and encourage the practical application of new learning and research. This will provide increased opportunities to influence and improve the impact of prevention activities in the area of gender-based abuse.

The Research and Knowledge Centre

The Research and Knowledge Centre is a collaborative initiative of Haven Horizons and the Technical University of Shannon (TUS), funded by the Irish Research Council’s New Foundation programme. The national centre of excellence will promote engaged research and effective research translation gender-based abuse by facilitating collaboration between academics and practionners, knowledge transfer from research that informs policy, practice and legislation, ultimately contributing to a reduction in the incidence and impact of gender-based abuse in Irish society.

The hub will act as a resource for researchers, academics, educators, students, frontline professionals and other interested agencies, and as a catalyst for community, social and policy change.

We wish to identify gender-based abuse research and researchers in Ireland. A website will host a database of researchers and research topics. It will also facilitate networking opportunities for national and international researchers seeking to develop partnerships for future gender-based abuse collaborative proposals and research projects.

We held an online webinar on Engaged Research and Research Translation  in the area of Gender-Based Abuse in November 2021.


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