Image-based Sexual Abuse – A Study on the Causes and Consequences of Non-consensual Nude or Sexual Imagery

Nicola Henry, Clare McGlynn, Asher Flynn, Kelly Johnson, Anastasia Powell, Adrian J. Scott

This book investigates the causes and consequences of image-based sexual abuse in a digital era. Image-based sexual abuse refers to the taking or sharing of nude or sexual photographs or videos of another person without their consent. It includes a diversity of behaviours beyond that of “revenge porn”, such as the secret trading of nude or sexual images online; “upskirting”, “downblousing” and other “creepshots”; blackmail or “sextortion” scams; the use of artificial intelligence to construct “deepfake” pornographic videos; threats to distribute photographs and videos without consent; and the taking or sharing of sexual assault imagery.

ISBN 9780367524401, Published April 29, 2022 by Routledge

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