Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your Intimate Relationship

Lisa Aronson Fontes

When you are showered with attention, it can feel incredibly romantic and can blind you to hints of problems ahead. But what happens when attentiveness becomes domination? If the desire to control leads to jealousy, gaslighting, threats, micromanaging and physical violence. If you or someone you care about are trapped in a web of coercive control, this book provides answers, hope, and a way out. Lisa Aronson Fontes draws on both professional expertise and personal experience to help you recognise controlling behaviours of all kinds, understand why this destructive pattern occurs, determine whether you are in danger and if your partner can change, protect yourself and your kids, find the support and resources you need, take action to improve or end your relationship, regain your freedom and independence.

ISBN: 9781462520244, 2015, Guilford Publications