The Issue

Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control and Gender-Based Abuse are significant, complex social problems. Education programmes, new Irish research and integrated interagency responses are required to end relationship abuse.


A society free from gender inequality and relationship abuse.


Societal change leading to the transformation of the attitudes, behaviours and norms that underpin gender-based abuse and gender inequality at individual, agency and policy levels.

Aims and Objectives

  • Focus on awareness, education, research and prevention in the area of gender-based abuse.
  • Build networks, interagency collaborations and co-operative working arrangements that support the implementation of our vision and mission
  • Develop a research and knowledge hub in partnership with a third level educational establishment that will deepen knowledge, support research and the delivery of accreditation of education and training modules
  • Explore effective international evidence-based best practice prevention models
  • Establish demonstration sites for effective prevention models


  • the National Women’s Council Ireland, (NWCI)
  • the National Observatory on Violence Against Women
  • the Association of Criminal Justice Research and Development (ACJRD)
  • Public Participation Network (PPN) representative on the Clare Joint Policing Committee