‘Insights for Mothers’

mum ‘Insights for Mothers’ is a 10 week programme that works with mothers to empower and support them in addressing the needs of children and young people who have lived with domestic violence.

The programme helps mothers who have experienced domestic violence to explore:

  • their role as mothers
  • the impact of domestic violence upon their child(ren), and
  • the impact of domestic violence upon their relationship with their child(ren).Feedback from the ‘Insights’ programme indicated that women wanted to understand more about the impact of domestic abuse on their children and what they can do to support their children. Haven Horizons researched options and organised training for Clare Haven staff and the Insights facilitators in this area and supported the design, development and delivery of the ‘Insights for Mothers’ pilot programme.

Insights for Mothers is now run as a Clare Haven education programmes for women.