Skills Share Progression Pathway

Skills Share progression pathways was a pilot programme set up by Haven Horizons to address social isolation and the address the complex barriers to economic mobility for women who experienced domestic abuse.


Skills Share offers four components

  • A safe space and creative programmes – Research has shown that creative activities, which require concentration and use of our hands are effective in decreasing stress, relieving anxiety and altering mood, resulting in improved cognitive functions, decision-making and learning capacities.
  • Integration into social activities, establishing wider social networks, volunteering and information, inputs and referrals to employment pathways. Research shows that 60% of people find out about employment opportunities through their social networks
  • Group and one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions using specifically designed Toolkits which address motivation, decision-making and all aspects of job seeking
  • Opportunities and support for participation in; work experience, pre-employment schemes, employment opportunities, self-employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Skills Share was supported by the Department of Communication, Climate Change & Environment –  Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund.
Skills Share was supported by the National Lottery.

Department of Communication,  CC C

Skills Share display of upcycled Christmas decorations
Skills Share display of upcycled Christmas Decorations 2018