Blueprint for Safety

Blueprint for Safety ~ Building an Inter-Agency Response to Domestic Abuse



To create and implement a BLUEPRINT that will both inspire and enhance the way criminal justice systems across the country respond to crimes of domestic abuse. The Blueprint for Safety is an interagency response to domestic violence. It is an evidence based model, developed by the St. Paul Police Department and the victim support services in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Haven Horizons is proposing that Co. Clare becomes the first International Blueprint for Safety Demonstration Site.

In a Blueprint Demonstration Site there is a strong partnership approach – criminal justice system agencies work positively and proactively with the community-based advocacy services to collectively reflect on and review their practices in a systematic way that provides positive feedback channels. This process allows agencies themselves to identify and address any gaps in their service provision which puts victims at risk or allows perpetrators to act with impunity.

The agencies solve the problems together ensuring that they:

  • Investigate and document the scope, severity, risk and pattern of abuse and can communicate it from agency to agency in the CJS and in all court proceeding including applications for barring, safety orders and bail hearings.
  • All agencies co-operate to build an evidence based case that reduces the onus on the victim in court
  • The CJS holds perpetrators accountable for domestic violence, breaking orders and any attempt to intimidate the victim
  • That victims are fully supported and informed at all stages of the process

Benefits of the Blueprint Model

  • More women/children are kept in their own home
  • Increased victim safety and perpetrator accountability
  • Reduced level of domestic abuse incidents
  • Reduced domestic abuse related homicides.
  • Changes in individual behaviour and societal attitudes
  • The Blueprint for Safety model uses the power of the Criminal Justice System to change societal attitudes