Cyber Absue books

Books on domestic, sexual and gender-based abuse and coercive control donated by Haven Horizons to Libraries Ireland

This book provides an overview of what the research tells us about the perpetrators of domestic violence and how to promote positive change. ISBN 9781138480483 Read more

This book explores topics using a practical approach to social deviance that is underpinned by frontier research findings, policy, and international trends. ISBN 9780128092873 Read more

In this book Joan Smith examines the roots of terrorism, but fails to address the complexities of social inequality. ISBN 9781787476042, Read more

This concise book equips practitioners with the knowledge and techniques they need to make the most of limited client contact with perpetrators. ISBN 9781849053808, Read more

Johnson explores the different types of intimate partner violence and if it can be dfineed as a “unitary phenomenon” or whether there are multiple forms of domestic violence. ISBN: 9781555536947 Read more

Audio and e-books

Libraries Ireland

Libraries Ireland also have some of the above titles in audio and e-book version. Anyone with a library card can access these via Borrow Box.

You can download the full list of book donations here.