Education and Training


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Preventing domestic abuse requires social change on number of levels. Education can support the changes in attitudes and beliefs that are needed in order for this violence to be thought about differently, and ultimately stopped.

It’s important that any education programmes that are undertaken with the intent of preventing violent behaviours are developed based on theory, and with evidence of positive outcomes. Empowerment theory is grounded in the belief that victims of domestic violence, in additional to emergency intervention services, should have access to information, education as well as other necessary social and economic support to make informed decisions that best reflect their interests and needs.

This approach also be extends to individuals and communities, allowing them to take collaborative action to prevent domestic violence. Effective prevention strategies require a range of awareness and educational programmes delivered to our young people in schools, in youth settings, community groups, community and statutory agencies and to the general public.

Haven Horizons will source, develop, deliver and disseminate a range of evidence-based awareness, education and prevention programmes.